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Smith Pipeline Inc., is hereby soliciting for subcontractors in the following trades:

  • Horizontal Boring
    • 830 lf. of Jack & Bore w/18″ Steel Casing (0.250 wt.)
  • Direction Drilling
    • 300 lf. of 12″ HDPE (DR11, PC 200) Via HDD Thru SOIL
    • 200 lf. of 12″ HDPE (DR11, PC 200) Via HDD Thru ROCK
  • Clearing
  • Rock Removal
    • 300 CY Rock Excavation (As Required-Quantity unknown)
  • Concrete Side Walk & Type D (Skewed) Handicap Ramp w/detectable warning strips
    • 1511 lf of 5’ Wide Sidewalk, 4IN



The following are the supplies that we intend to purchase for this project:

  • Material suppliers pipe, fittings and appurtenances.
    • PVC Pipe, HDPE Pipe, Fire Hydrants, Gate Valves, Fittings, Service Materials, Copper Tubing
  • Erosion Control Materials
    • Silt Fence, Grass Seed, Erosion Matting, etc.
  • Gravel & Rock
    • Crusher Run
    • # 57
    • Rip-Rap Type III
  • Concrete
    • Utilized for blocking Cy of 3000psi
    • Sidewalk installation Cy of 2000psi
  • Portable Toilet Rental (Porta Potty)
    • Monthly Quote


This project required compliance with EEO, E-Verify, Davis Bacon Certified Payroll-City of Mount Zion Rates, W-9, Certificate of Insurance, and OSHA Safety Program compliance.

Project will begin between October till November 2018 and will require strict compliance in meeting project timelines. Depending on each trade there will be different start and completion dates.


We are strongly encouraging DBE, MBE, or WBE’s participation for this project.


Please contact the office at 770.964.0503 or send an email to [email protected] for more information regarding this project.